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,,Įkvėpiu gyvybę linui, kamšalui, padrikiems siūlams sujungdama juos kartu. Tada atsiranda besišypsantis YPIS, kuris kažkam atstos geriausią draugą. Taigi, aš gaminu YPIUS, o jie sukuria šypsenas!“


YPIAI are exclusive handmade toys embodying the characters with a unique character and individual hobbies. Ypiai teach children to be creative, friendly, nurture talents and protect nature. Magnets are sewn into the palms of Ypiai, so they can take their belongings and other light metal objects. The eyes of the toys are lively, that is why it is so much fun to play a miniature life with them. Ypiai are also good friends to parents, as they help to solve the most common "NON-WISHES":

⫸ SLEEP. Kitty Munė teaches how to fall asleep with a smile and at the right time.

⫸ FOOD. Fox Čikė makes delicious meals and that’s why all her friends eat because eating is fun!

⫸ ORDER. Little Squirrel Pekas teaches that all things have their place and comes up with ideas for giving them a new life.

⫸ LEARNING. Little Deer Belė teaches that all talents need to be developed, so she reads a lot and learns from nature.

⫸ HELP. Bunny Benas teaches how important it is to help work. Working together is much faster and more fun!

 The production of Ypiai requires a lot of particularly careful handwork, which is why they are so unique. All details are hand embroidered. Quality materials are used for the production of toys: linen, cotton. Clothing fasteners (laces, stickers, buttons) are a real trainer for fine motor skills of the small hands.

Kids love YPIAI because:

⫸ They have big, contrasting eyes that even babies like looking at!

⫸ Brightly colored combinations attract the attention of babies like candy.

⫸ They simulate adult life by creating a miniature world.

⫸ Kids love animals and with clothes they are so cute!

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