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⫸ PACKAGING: cardboard box with lid

⫸ PRODUCTION DURATION: 1-2 business days



A great accessory for the fans of YPIAI! YPIAI LOVE LINEN. The duet of two types of linen serves perfectly as a bib for small tooth growers. The waffle linen fabric is like a sponge absorbing liquids, and the patterned softened linen with ornaments creates style and is very soft when it touches a face. Linen products are air-permeable, they maintain a steady body temperature in summer and keep in warmth in winter. Linen also has antibacterial properties which makes it suitable for people with allergies. Linen fabrics are 3 times stronger than cotton fabrics. The size of a neck scarf is adjusted with clips, so one size is suitable for the smallest and tallest babies. Washing is recommended at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. After washing, the fabric can shrink by 1-2 percent.

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